Baryonyx eating fish.

  • Baryonyx eating fish at a lake.
  • Two Baryonyx and a crocodile eating a carcass.
  • Baryonyx at a small waterfall that has fish.
  • A green Baryonyx with a red crest.
  • A mother Baryonyx and her chicks.
  • Baryonyx running through a stream.
  • A Baryonyx head.
Baryonyx was a Spinosaurid from England and Europe. Like all Spinosaurids, it ate fish and land animals.Baryonyx may have been third largest spinosaurid up to 33-40 feet and 20 feet its name means heavy claw because on one of its fingers on each hand there was a huge claw that was nearly 14 inhces useful for grabing fish and stabing prey.