A Rugops and some crocodiles eating a carcass.

Rugops (wrinkle face) was a carnivorous abelisaur ceratosaurian theropod dinosaur that lived in Niger, Africa during the Late Cretaceous period. Like all abelisaurs, Rugops had very short arms that were probably used only to balance it's body. It's head was not good for fighting or for crushing bones, so it might have been a scavenger. It had a short head and bony armour.
  • A Rugops and some crocodiles eating a carcass.
  • A Rugops head.
  • A Rugops eating a carcass in a lake.
  • A Rugops head.
  • The head of a cannibalistic Rugops.
  • A flock of birds gently cleaning the mouths of two Rugops.
Rugops appears on the first episode of "Planet Dinosaur" (as seen as feeding of the remains of Spinosaurus meals) and in the episode of "Monsters Resurrected" "Biggest Killer Dino" (the incorrect version as a hunter rather than a scavenger).