• Spinosaurus
  • A Spinosaurus hunting fish.
  • A Spinosaurus and a carcass in a swamp.
  • A Spinosaurus with a dead fish and a flock of birds at a lake.
  • A Spinosaurus in a cloud of dust.
  • A Spinosaurus and a wading bird hunting for fish.
  • A Spinosaurus eating an insect at a mountaintop.
  • A Spinosaurus on a stormy sea.
  • Another Spinosaurus on a stormy sea.
Spinosaurus (spine lizard) was a fearsome spinosaurid dinosaur that lived in Africa and South Asia. It is named for it's tall spines on its back they were as tall as a full grown man nobody knows what it did maybe used for mating or body cooling. Spinosaurus was the largest meat-eating dinosaur up to 56-60 feet and 30 feet tall. There are two species named, S.aegyptiacus and S.maroccanus.spinosaurus was a carnivore it ate other dinosaurs and fish it catched them eather with its 3 or 4 fingered hands or its jaws shaped like a alligator or crocodile spinosaurus had the longest teeth and skull of any meat-eating dinosaur its teeth was 13 inhces and its skull 6 feet long there were around a 100 teeth inside the jaw.