Troodon at a waterfall.

Troodon was a small, almost certainly feathered troodontid dinosaur that lived in North America. It, like dromaeosaurids, had a dangerous sickle-claw on its hind foot. However, despite this similarity, it is placed in a different class of maniraptorans, the troodontids. It was also similar to dromaeosaurs due to it having a big braincase, making it quite smart. It had large eyes, probably good for binocular vision and seeing at night.


The DinosauroidEdit

  • Troodon at a waterfall.
  • Troodon eating an insect.
  • Troodon pouncing on a mammal.
  • Two Troodon hunting an ornithopod in a forest.
  • Another Troodon hunting a mammal.
Troodon had some similarities with humans, such as binocular vision. What would have happened if dinosaurs had not become extinct? Click here and scroll down to find out.